Stacy Pools offers a wide variety of services, from a custom pool and/or spa, to outdoor kitchens, cabanas, and pool remodels.

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Accent your backyard oasis by installing rock speakers. Not only asethically pleasing, rock speakers are a wonderful feature that allow you to have that added audio enjoyment when you are entertaining.

At Stacy Pools & Spas, we use only the best pool products available.  Below you will find some information about a few various products and description of their function.

Automated Control Systems

You want your pool to be a place of relaxation and fun, not another chore. A Compool™ automated control system from Pentair Pool Products gives you fingertip control of a number of functions such as filtration, automatic pool cleaning and landscaping lighting - all from a control center inside your home.

Another big plus is that you won't have to remember how to operate your plumbing and electrical equipment - for example, which valves and switches start the spa. With a Compool™ any member of your family can simply press a button to activate the spa, pool lights or heater. All functions can also be easily programmed for automatic daily operation. A Compool™ also helps ensure safe operation and extended equipment life, and may even reduce your energy consumption. Choose from three Compool™ systems with the right number of circuits for your pool. Or enhance your system with additional features such as light dimming capability, spa-side remote control or even telephone remote control.

High Performance Digital Pool and Spa Heater

A reliable gas heater is the key to long-term performance on your pool, and Raypak has been building water heaters since 1948. A Raypak heater features high-energy efficiency, faster heat-up times and the lowest long-term operating costs. Its design saves space while working hard and blending quietly into your backyard environment.

•Microprocessor controlled thermostat with easy adjustments and a digital temperature display. Just set it and forget it.
•Onboard diagnostics to make troubleshooting fast and easy.
•Remote control compatibility for easy integration with either the simplest or most complex control systems operating your pool or spa.
•Self-adjusting stainless steel burners that will burn cleanly and efficiently and can compensate for varying gas pressures.
•Wind resistant design to ensure the heater runs efficiently even in windy conditions.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump can extend the use of your pool by giving you the flexibility of warming your pool water in the months before and after your normal swim season. Utilizing an environmentally safe, high performance refrigerant, it will transfer the heat from the outside air to your pool. An energy-efficient Raypak heat pump will save you money over time compared with other heating methods. There are no gas lines to install or propane storage tanks to purchase. Your Raypak heat pump runs quietly, cleanly, and efficiently and installs almost the same as your current air conditioner.


•Dual thermostats to accurately monitor separate water temperatures for your pool and spa.
•Remote/local switch compatibility with the latest automated pool control systems.
•Status indicator lights provide feedback as to operating performance and early warning system to protect the heat exchanger against bad water chemistry and improper chlorinator installation.
•Compressor allows larger refrigerant charge to provide more efficient heating at lower air temperatures without additional compressor stress.
•Sound isolation pads prevents sound transfer to equipment pad and elevates the base pan to improve water drainage.

High Performance Pumps

When it comes to pumps, that means WhisperFlo® from Pentair Pool Products, the world's leading pool equipment manufacturer. WhisperFlo is the result of more than 40 years of innovation and leadership in pump technology. It is the top of the line by every measure that counts: quiet operation, energy-efficiency, low maintenance, easy service and built to last for years and years.


•Innovative hydraulic design features FunnelFlo™ diffuser and high-efficiency impeller that combine to move more water more efficiently for the lowest energy costs.
•Whisper-quiet operation as documented in rigorous ETL tests.
•Durability features include engineered thermoplastic housing, commercial grade motor and sealed bearings that never need lubrication.
•Innovative Cam and Ramp™ lid makes inspection and cleaning simple and quick…lid locks in place with just a quarter-turn.
•Oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings to save you time.
•One of the longest warranties in the industry.
D.E. Filters

With the FNS Plus Diatomaceous Earth (DE) filter, your pool water is stripped of particles as tiny as 5 microns (a grain of sand is 1000 microns in size). The pro's call this level of filtration "water polishing." And the result is water that literally sparkles...not just clear, but truly crystal clear.


•Innovative, proprietary internal design ensures optimum filtration and backwashing efficiency… for crystal clarity.
•Internal design also maximizes flow to minimize pumping requirements…promotes energyefficient operation of your entire plumbing system.
•Curved DE grids maximize filter media surface area so more dirt is captured, extending the time between cleanings.
•Super-tough fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank lasts for years and years.
•Combination of HighFlow™ manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief work to maintain the perfect pressure for optimum filtration performance.

Cartridge Filters

The beauty of cartridge filters is easy maintenance. Clean & Clear Plus' 4-cartridge design provides maximum surface area to capture more dirt while extending time between cleaning. Plus, filter cleaning is a snap. Just open the top, remove the cartridges, hose them off, and you're ready to go again. What could be simpler?


•Non-woven polyester cartridge elements trap particles as small as 30 microns for sparkling clean water.
•Four-cartridge design delivers high dirt-trapping capacity to extend time between cleanings.
•Easy-to-remove, easy-to-replace clamp ring provides fast access for filter inspection and occasional cleaning of cartridges.
•Large, easy-to-access drain makes servicing and winterizing fast and easy.
•Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene tank is strong and durable.
•Continuous internal air bleed design prevents air build-up that can diminish system performance…Clean and Clear Plus works at peak efficiency all the time.
Automatic Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners should be simple to use and require minimum attention to give pool owners the freedom to relax and enjoy their pool. We recommend and install various types of automatic pool cleaners depending upon your pool:

•Ray-Vac™ from Teledyne Jandy is propelled by an advanced hydrodynamic design allowing it to silently glide underwater across the walls and floor of the pool capturing dirt, leaves and floating debris. Debris is then trapped in a separate compartment, which helps prevent clogged skimmers and pump baskets that can overwork your filtration system.

•Automatic Vac-Sweep® 280 from Polaris Pool Systems sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom, walls and steps of all pool surfaces. It also traps large debris, like leaves and pebbles, in its own filter bag. This pool cleaner easily connects to a dedicated pressure line. Powered by double jets and a separate booster pump, the Vac-Sweep® 280 is suitable for all in-ground pools.

Built-in Cleaning Systems

Installing a permanently built-in AutoClean™  system from A&A Manufacturing will reduce maintenance time and costs and provide your pool with automatic, silent, systematic, programmed cleaning every time your pump is turned on. The virtually invisible AutoClean™ cleaning heads are individually factory-designed for your pool and then strategically built-in flush throughout the floor, steps and benches of your pool and spa. A speed adjustable water valve directs water to cleaning heads which pop-up and send a stream of filtered, treated water across the floor and walls of your pool. The activated cleaning heads sweep dirt and debris into suspension to be removed through the QuikSkim venturi pool skimmer and Quick LeafVac main drain to the filter. AutoClean™ is user friendly and there is never anything to remove and replace.